Cycling Routes


A global event which attracts people from all over the world to the small town of Gaiole in Chianti for one week per year, transforming it into the cycling capital of the world.

Cycling made with sweat, passion, sacrifices and many dirt roads, where anyone can challenge themselves, savouring glimpses and moments that only the sinuous lines of the Tuscan hills can offer.





Starting from the splendid setting of Piazza Grande in Arezzo, the Ardita winds its way along a suggestive route through the Aretine territories, taking its participants to a unique challenge: the time trial of the Alpe di Poti.

Here, a 10 km ascent on a dirt road makes for a unique scenario. Over the years, even the Giro d’Italia’s pink carovana has passed through to pay tribute to this splendid and unspoilt spot.

Once arrived, the King of the Mountain view is unparalleled. It even manages to repay the fatigue of the ride at 900 metres above sea level.





Anghiari: the departure from Piazza Garibaldi is enough to convey that this is another unique event, taking place in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and the world.

The path winds through the pearls of the Valtiberina including small hidden villages, abbeys and castles: unique scenarios where you can face both yourself and the challenge of the bike in the company of special friends and singular cuisine.



La Chianina

In our dear territory of Arezzo, in a small town dominated by its fortress, many fans meet each year to give life to another unique engagement in the world of cycling.

La Chianina starts from the pretty town of Marciano della Chiana and proceeds to touch down in all the most beautiful and evocative points. It’s impossible to forget the wondrous solace of Cortona and its unique panorama, or passing through the splendid Castello di Brolio where the air changes from present to past, full of passion, effort, and a lot of good healthy friendship.